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Museum pages at the Clocktower Books website. Clocktower Fiction in 1996 was first in history to publish entire, proprietary novels on line for digital download (weekly serial chapters)
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Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
Deep Outside SFFH - Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
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Outside In: Review - reviews of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror books and movies.
A.L. Sirois reviews the BBC Miniseries Gormenghast.

Transmission: Column - commentary on the state of Web-published fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, as well as news about the production of Deep Outside SFFH
John K. Muir goes head to head with Big Daddy Mars from John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars.

Deep Outside SFFH and Far Sector SFFH (total run 1998-2007) have both stopped publishing, so please do not submit any material to either magazine. Thanks, and please enjoy these two museum sites that represent an important little part of the World Wide Web's early days.-JTC

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction See a listing for this magazine, along with a brief history as Deep Outside SFFH morphed into Far Sector SFFH (1998-2007). We made history, publishing both promising newbies and established names. Some had already won Nebulas and Sturgeons, or been nominated for Hugos, while others went on to win great awards. Among our many SFFH authors were (alfa order, partial list): Andrew Burt, Deborah Cannon, Joseph D'Lacey, Linda Dunn, Kameron Hurley, Jak Koke, Ted Kosmatka, Dennis Latham, Tim Pratt, A. L. Sirois, Justin Stanchfield, Paula R. Stiles, Melanie Tem, Andrew Vacchs, Pat York, and many more. The first story in 1998 and the last story in 2007 were both by A. L. Sirois. We were the first professional, SFWA rate paying, web-only online magazine of SFFH without print antecedents. We innovated, we dreamed, we had fun, and we closed shop when time was right.—John T. Cullen.
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published October 1998
March 11, 1936 by A. L. Sirois

A.L. Sirois opens a window into the darkness of the rising Adolf Hitler's heart and fate in 1936. It is a quietly chilling tale of a morning stroll, under damp evergreens, and an otherworldly encounter outside the world that we know. This story is based on a true event. How much is true, and the rest ellipsis, you decide. A. L. Sirois helped launch the initial issue in April 1998, and served as a reviewer, author, and columnist until Far Sector SFFH closed in January 2007. He is a talented writer, artist, and musician.
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published December 1998
Jumpers by Dennis Latham

From the uniquely gifted author Dennis Latham comes this Hitchcockian tale that knocked our socks off and made us fans for life. Dennis eventually joined the team, especially with his column Ask The Smart Guy in Far Sector SFFH. Dennis is the author of short stories and novels, including the darkly cinematic thriller Bad Night in the Holding Cell (based on the short story In Briscoe County, published here. He is a decorated, 100% service connected Vietnam combat veteran who has, for years, published an excellent newsletter (The S-2 Report) to help fellow disabled veterans with the latest navigational info on the (D)VA.
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published 07.31.2001
Bleeding West by Tim Pratt

Hugo Award winner Tim Pratt has been a favorite author here, with several pubs. He is one of numerous Nebula awardees/nominees, and otherwise distinguished tale tellers, who graced us with their talent for your enjoyment. In this dark tale: Kentucky Tom Granger stood in the dust-beaten main street of a town called Tolerance and faced the Spirit of the bleeding west. Wooden buildings lined the hardpacked street, discolored to gray uniformity by the sand-laden desert winds. Tom had crossed the Arizona border to reach the town, but Tolerance was not in Arizona, or any other state, either. Tolerance was simply in the west.
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