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Archive of Transmissions - Columns (1998-2002)

1.   October 1998   by John T. Cullen   

The imminent demise of offline publishing, Event Horizon launch, and DOSFFH becomes the first Web-only SF/F/H mag listed in Writer's Market.

2.   December 1998   by John T. Cullen   

News about Clarion West, SFWA, and more.

3.   April 1999   by John T. Cullen   

News about Douglas Clegg's e-mail e-serial, Comic-Con International, High Hallack Genre Writer's Library, and more.

4.   May 1998   by John T. Cullen   

Commentary on the state of mainstream fiction, and the continuing marginalization of genre fiction.

5.   June 1999   by John T. Cullen   

How to protect your literary works from pirates, and why they can't win. John Cullen also discusses the state of e-publishing rights and why they aren't really all that different from print rights.

6.   August 1999   by John T. Cullen   

Slave Wages, Wage Slaves, and New Waves. John Cullen comments on the population, the workday, and a return to Eden.

7.   September/October 1999   by John T. Cullen   

John Cullen revisits the growth of e-books.

8.   October 1999   by John T. Cullen   

Market info and the e-book Tsunami.

9.   December 1999   by John T. Cullen   

The sorry state of publishing.

10.   February 2000   by John T. Cullen   

The Coming Agony of the E-book Industry.

11.   March 2000   by John T. Cullen   

Print on Demand.

12.   August 2000   by John T. Cullen   

Our Third Year!

13.   September 2000   by John T. Cullen   

Middlemen and Other Evils.

14.   October 2000   by John T. Cullen   

A Month of Pratfalls.

15.   February 2001   by John K. Muir   

Apples and Oranges: Interview with D.C. Fontana by John Muir. This was the first of John K. Muir's excellent monthly interviews, reviews, and columns. He served in this capacity to the final issue of Deep Outside SFFH around October 2002, and picked up with the first issue of Far Sector SFFH a few months later. Thank you for the wonderful content, enthusiasm, and team work, John!

16.   March 2001   by John K. Muir   

Back to The Future: Sci-Fi TV Favorites Rise from the Ashes.

17.   April 2001   by John K. Muir   

Space 2001: Writer Johnny Byrne wants to Party like it's 1999...Again.

18.   May 2001   by John K. Muir   

Filmation's Enterprise: Remembering Star Trek: The Animated Series.

19.   June 2001   by John K. Muir   

You'll Still Believe a Man Can Fly... The Superman Film Collection Lands on DVD at last.

20.   July 2001   by John T. Cullen   

Horror Writers of America; John Cullen's Time Machine. [Not sure how this got in there, but it's by me. The rest are all by JKM. JTC 2012.]

21.   August 2001   by John K. Muir   

Dino-Might: Jurassic Park III Awakens Prehistoric Memories.

22.   September 2001   by John K. Muir   

John Carpenter meets Big Daddy Mars.

23.   October 2001   by John K. Muir   

Summer of '82.

24.   November 2001   by John K. Muir   

The New Golden Age of Science Fiction Television.

25.   December 2001   by John K. Muir   

The Human Adventure is Just Beginning.... Again: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Director's Edition Beams onto DVD.

26.   January 2002   by John K. Muir   

A Song in My Heart…The Musical Lives On.

27.   February 2002   by John K. Muir   

The Truth Was Out There...Cancellation of The X-Files ends an Era.

28.   March 2002   by John K. Muir   

Howling at Hollywood: A French Film, "The Brotherhood of the Wolf," Resurrects the Moribund Action-Fantasy Genre.

29.   April 2002   by John K. Muir   

Take Two: A Few Thoughts on Hollywood's Obsession with Remakes.

30.   May 2002   by John K. Muir   

Hodder Fodder: Jason X Racks Up The Body Count.

31.   June 2002   by John K. Muir   

Not Very Special Effects…

32.   July 2002   by John K. Muir   

Vampire Slayer Award?

33.   August 2002   by John K. Muir   

Vanilla Sci-Fi.

34.   September 2002   by John K. Muir   

Terror on your Modem!

35.   October 2002   by John K. Muir   

Best Hallow E'en Movie Ever!


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